Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Let us begin

#1/january 2013                                                                                    


/where does it come from...?    pssssttt...     its magic/

creating energy--from an invisible state...One of man's greatest feats of imagination and cunning: the creation, performing, recording, and documentation of music.  
In essence----(an ultimate) liberal pursuit--the wider the better--no iterations of style, approach or intention should "close off the ears" without due ......           listening 

Thus.....  In the Grooves 

a monthly blog dedicated to music, thought, or, the art of listening, or, the visual as related to music or, performance etc....... or, consider christian marclay's record without a cover,  or, did george harrison play on "basketball Jones" by cheech and chong, or, why? digital?, am I addicted to 7" circles? were the Circle Jerks at Mables in Champaign, il., summer of '84---the most violent slam dancing ever?? and on and around and around....

Each month we will be reviewing/noticing records, posting sounds, and tracking enthusiasms.
As a consequence, the format will be OPEN, and I encourage everyone to Feedback and participate with their own reactions, ideas and reviews---See a great concert, let us know! Hear an interesting new record, write it up! post a picture! post a sound!! 

Ok! enough of my blather blather bore you!

the random: recordings of the month 

Note: sound samples below synopsis

jonah jones quartet;
Swingin' on Broadway
 7" 4 song e.p.
--at 1.99 bought immediately for cover alone :) 
(dusty groove)  fantastic
smallish ensemble w/ chill trumpet. b'way tunes
not normally my bag, but undeniable + great for cocktail hour/late night


bill power:
 58 Men in Action 7"--found in a glorious custom orange/swirl/stripedy 45
box gifted from my all time brother in law
scott L.  An emphatic motivational speaker for chevrolet barks at  car salesman--weirdly psychological, challenging even.
and one big dare: SELL MORE CARS!


chakademus & the pliers:
murder she wrote 12"

classic, shaking dancehall
as reckless label said:
"this rocks any party"

murder she wrote

zolar: Pisces cardboard 7"

another pick from the orange box---a birthday
card with a message from zolar to all Pisces--
Wow. Therapy anyone?



supertouch: lost my way e.p.

chance pick from reckless records-- early  90's melodic hardcore from band from NYC -- 4-song e.p.
Where r U? me want more

january enthusiasms now:

ABECEDARIANS Double 10": Independent Project Press  gatefold (#1100/1750) psychedelic scorched earth groove pop meets gang of four in the desert--cruelly under appreciated/unknown
THE BREADWINNERS Dubs Unlimited (king Spinna) (dl): contemporary instrumental dub reggae from London-- Composer, Producer, engineer Al Redfern + friends in an all analog recording--vital w/ max good vibes+sunshine  
BURIAL truant/rough sleeper 12": (hyperdub)  brilliant dub inflected sound scape from mysterious englishman - burial has been at the forefront of contemporary music since his debut LP "Untrue" in 2006.
ETHER NET Opus 2 cd: (kranky) drifting ambient w/ an edge, encourages late night mental drifts...
THE COMMODORES 7" (b side) "Look what you've done to me" flip from execrable schmaltz
"three times a lady"... who knew?! solid, funky joint
GOLDEN VOID s/t: (thrill jockey) Eclectic chicago stalwart TJ releases a genuine heavy rock record--(and not their first :) ---like early sabbath, w/ hooks + fantastic playing+vocals.  come play in chicago!
JOHN CALE Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood (Double Six) cd: disarmingly good
TUNJI OYELANA A Nigerian Retrospective 1966-79 (Soundway) (2) cd: terrific positive uplift

Collective Windy City Soul Club at empty bottle saturday 1/19/13--two record players, a mixer,
and huge collection of soul music via 10 (?) dj's = 732 people dancing over the entire night at a club with a capacity of 350! Well done guys...Believe the hype--

BEST NAME: Fat Albert Einstein
FREE: futuresequence -- 42 (!) track sampler from experimental/ambient label

oh, and one last thing:

In conjunction with "In The Grooves", along with the local underemployed art teacher society--is the hi-life sound system !! ---the traveling vehicle of dj baby chocolate, my alter ego and ongoing dj project.  Simply put, I am on a mission to share vinyl and spread the positive vibes wherever there is a power source and people who want to DANCE THEIR GROOVE! Therefore, we will be posting gigs, tracking shows, and looking for new opportunities (70's night?! new wave dance party!, ladies+lovers soul night?!  --yes, please)
(recent: delilahs, glen oak cc (hs reunion), harvey block party oak park, chicago highlands :)

and THANKS to all who came to djbc's recent spins at Delilah's
The "Cosmic Dance and Chill" 12/23/12 was suitably sacred and profane, with atmosphere's ranging from lloyd glenn's "sleighride" to the Ramones "merry xmas" (I don't want to fight tonight), to all manner of holiday musical cheer and bleary, be it blues, ska, country, ancient, or rock! Thanks Mike
NEXT: Sunday, Feb. 10  Set: "heavy, heavy---hard rock, alternative + metal (gasp!) 9-close

So... I take all the blame.
see you next month and Keep the groove!


Killer Vinyl Dance Party: edition: new wave
Killer Vinyl Dance Party: edition: soul and grooves
Killer Vinyl Dance Party: Dub and Roots
Puffy Cocktail Hour: Vol 7 (selection 2012)
DJ Baby Chocolate presents: weird wonderful and strange/Sonic MonstrOddities series


DJBC Sampler (mt1)
broad selection multi styles
DJBC 7" (mt2)
all 45 rpm mix--magic
DJBC "this Nog's for you"
Hi-Holidays Dance Party 2012
blues/funk/r&b/old r&r etc.
"instant classic!" (mt3)



  1. Here's Suebaby's picks for January:

    Foxygen - We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic – genre bridging goodness - this album is addicting and unique, reminiscent of Ween in some ways, hard to define but its like a weird tribute to rock history done meticulously well.

    Thao and the Get Down Stay Down – We the Common - produced by one of my favorite women in music right now, Merrill Garbus of tUnE-yArDs this is something truly special, not really like anything else out there, an upbeat record with some great brass, somehow she morphs folk and afrobeat, not sure how but it totally works.

    Parquet Courts – Light up Gold – Great slacker rock, kind of if the Dead Kennedy’s met Jason and the Scorchers. This album is retro yet totally modern. A rowdy adventure that reminds us that music is supposed to be fun.

  2. Bravo, dj Baby Chocolate! Stellar read and in great anticipation of the next issue... until then, keep making those beats drop!

    Peace and hair-grease, your brutha from anotha funk-E mutha,

    Kokolosch Vitage
    aka, the electric messaih
    aka, vivian vv
    aka, vitek

  3. yo YO Double V!
    good to hear from you and thanks for stopping by--
    the "greatest game on grass" is just around the corner--lets Swing soon!

  4. Hi Wade! I really enjoyed the DJBC sampler (mt1) we received. In fact, one of my new favorite songs is "Two Tacos." I'd love to come with Todd and see you spin sometime!

    1. that would be great---this sunday I'm doing a "heavy" set which should be fun.
      The 22nd at friendly tap should be a dancefest if I'm to have anything to do with it:)
      "two tacos"--as with a lot of 45's I find, you just get a feeling in your gut...like, tacos,
      expanding my gut!
      thanks for stopping by!

    2. Darky Adonis Hiram Buford T. PusserFebruary 8, 2013 at 2:44 PM

      Chocolatey! My picks for the day are Prokofiev and Billy Squier. Also, field recordings of the holy healers who harrass the guests of Planned Parenthood at Elston & Central. "Lonely is the night! When you feel yourself alone!" See you at Friendly's, sumbitch!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. DJBC, looking forward to this evenings mash-up at Friendly's=) hope to hear a little Gil Scott Heron followed by Lemmy doing Ace of Spades and into something by Hair Cut 100.

    Peace and Hair Grease,

    1. Spot ON!
      how about some isley bros--aerosmith--tones on tail? perez prado? Yes! King harvest? Yes Yes!
      fantastic day----

  7. Sweet set on Saturday night... DJBC and the Friendly Tap are a groovy pair! Hope to see you there again, soon.

  8. thanks bud! your energy and enthusiasm enLARGED the groove...Lets do it again!!!

  9. Hey DJBC, I think you'd like the album Eyelid Movies by Phantogram a lot.

  10. hey bro! thanks for the tip--I will definitely check out.
    the gig at friendly tap went well last month--lots of funk and soul to warm the bodies and spirit.
    right now gathering material for the next installment of the blog---
    the new nick cave record is terrific!
    talk soon---

  11. Need sum Baby Chocolate... when iz you spinning again, my brutha?