Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thankfull--Endcap Year 2015

Friends and Dancers--
We end the year quietly, with a twinkle in our eye, and a smile on our face…though less in # of gigs then 2014, this was by design.  What did happen, was every bit as memorable however, with many highlights along the way, most recently that of our great trip to California and the celebration of Tom and Theresa!  Below a few pics, and the official welcoming of DJ Baby Avocado into the Hi-Life Family! (video).
Additionally, we are grateful to the Hilding family Massive who had us along to provide musical atmospheres for their annual meal packing event in Western Springs.  Hundreds of volunteers packed 250,000 (!) meals that were immediately being loaded and delivered to an orphanage in Jamaica.  250 kids will now have three squares a day for an entire year!  Thank you Matt and Leah, and all the volunteers who are truly making a difference.
Thank you to everyone who came out, and who will come out again, and in the future!
Peace and Happy 2016---
PS>check out our DJBC promotional video Link down at the bottom!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Some impossible kind of place to get to...FALL 2015

Greetings Chocolate Massive and music lovers everywhere!
We have had a great summer and are heading into Fall with new opportunities and musical adventures.  First off, the HLSS and BC have begun spinning select weddings for those looking for
the "alternative, exceptional atmosphere" for this most sacred of ceremonies.  Recently we spun
a lovely wedding in Evanston for our neighbor, and the photographer mentioned that she had "never seen vinyl" by a dj at a wedding before.  She went on to tell me about Thumbtack a small business networking site.  We published a profile and have rec'd 100+ quote requests for events!

"Gentle songs for gentle souls
As an adjunct to BC, we are now spinning oldies for the senior set. Originally formulated for Belmont Village last year, the response was so positive that we are making an effort to reach
out and serve this community.  Medical research continues to reveal and promote the connection between music and brain activity.  In fact, "Music promotes quality of life and improves memory, transports mood, and sparks positive emotion.

LETS HAVE A HOLIDAY PARTY! BOOK NOW and be assured of the best musical vibe around!
We are affordable and your satisfaction is guaranteed!!!

To all who have employed us these past mos., great big thanks!
And to those in the future, let us come together and celebrate!
Keep the energy and focus on the positive---

11.7.15  Wedding Santa Barbara, Ca.
12.22.15 Belmont Village Employee Dance Party

 PS: New video channel with live reviews etc.
VIMEO: Randy Chances At The Show+more


Year #2 for this fantastic social services organization, training underserved at risk kids in the media arts.  Jeff McCarter and Co. are single handedly changing young lives one at a time.

Where it all started--Year #4 and the Best Ever!
Thanks to Jim, Tom, and John for trusting us again and massive shout outs to:
Feelgood, TvTower, White Tiger, D-ruds, J Lee Experience, freddie fabulous, Rocco dynamite etc.
and all the ladies for dancing!

Honored to be spinning niece's hs grad party in the wonderful environs of Glen Ellyn.
Congratulations to Sam and her parents for doing such a great job!
This is also the first ever keg stand by DJBC--doh!!!

My cousin Sharon's boy is wed on the shores of Rend Lake and we celebrate into the night afterwards, with great vibes and new beginnings for the future!

Between 1985-88 I wrote reviews for an independent fanzine based out of Chicago called NSB.
On this night we played an eclectic selection of tunes from these specific years at my friends Bruce and Erica's rooftop deck in Chicago.  Terrific to spin all that great, formative indie rock that "stands the only test--the test of Time"!!!  Wonderful to re-acquaint with old friends :)

First Chicago block party and great chill+vibe that broke into a tween dance party for about 90 mins!
Shout outs to Jeff Biggus for tip and Michelle Smyth for the hospitality and kindness throughout.
We're on for next year!

Honored to be asked to spin.  Classy, Lovely, and smooth 70's vibes!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ever tried, ever failed, No matter, Try again, fail again, fail Better --Samuel Beckett

Greetings Chocolate Massive!
Tis' Spring, and Summer is on her way, and party season is upon us.  It is truly a privilege to share
our passion for music with you. 2014 was our biggest year yet: 29 gigs total w/ three fundraisers to 
help the good karma. We seek to keep the tables turning and good times rolling throughout 2015!
  2014 was a great year for new music, and we continued to build the vinyl library with oldies, goodies, and new releases as well. Vinyl is ALL THE WAY BACK and still, a joy to behold and hear. See below for our "Top" releases of the year, and favorite shows.
Let's have a short review of recent gigs, and preview upcoming, shall we?!

Gig#50 Oak Park River Forest High School Booster Ball
Second year in a row for this--and a return to the wonderful Nineteenth Century Club and stage.
Two floors of auction items, a pro auctioneer, and great vibes all around.  The HLSS, along with
two pals, even came up lucky on the "heads or tails" card game--brilliant!  Afterwards, we turned up
the faders and danced the night away with the crowd yelling for more!!  Great thanks to the booster committee and organizers for having us.
Gig#49 Beye School Fundraiser @ School of Rock, Oak Park
Our son's neighborhood grammar school and the closest gig to home, without actually being home.
An eclectic set with everything from james bond themes, to sleaford mods, rush, and a request for 
"God Save the Queen" by the Sex Pistols--check!  Thanks to all at Beye and Bob and Amy Renzulli at SOR.
Gig#48  The Point is a Chicago based magazine of essays and criticism that is broad, incisive, and tuned into our current cultural and political zeitgeist.  It was a thrill to dj the release party for the Winter Issue (#9) at Hyde Park Station back in January.  Please check the link above and explore their web based content as well as archives from back issues. SUPPORT INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING!


5/30/15: 50TH Birthday Party (Oak Park)
5/31/15: Delilahs 9pm
6/4/15: Free Spirit Media Focus 2015 fundraiser (Chicago)
6/11/15: Reading In Motion Event @ Racine Plumbing (Chicago)
6/13/15: Music Night @ Chicago Highlands (Westchester)
7/11/15: 4th of July Norden Family Party (Ohio, Il.)
8/8/15: Schnaitor Family Wedding (Benton, Il.)
8/15/15: Non-Stop Banter Roof Jam (Chicago, Il.)
8/22/15: North Center Block Party (Chicago, Il.)
8/23/15: Weiselberg Wedding (Evanston, Il.)
10/10/15 TBD


Scott Walker/Sunn 0)))  
Touche Amore  "Is Survived By"
FKA Twigs  "LP1"
Ryan Adams S/T
Ariel Pink "Pom Pom"
Sleaford Mods "Austerity Dogs" + "Divide and Conquer"
18 "Trust"
Strut Afro Beats (Various artists)
Sharon Van Etten "Are We There Yet"
TV on the Radio "Seeds"
Sinkane "Mean Love"
Damon Albarn "Everyday Robots"
Hedvig Mollestad Trio "Enfant Terrible"
YOB "Clearing the Path to Ascend"
The Flaming Lips "With a Little Help from my Fwends"
The Soft Pink Truth "Why do the Heathen Rage"

2/22/2014: Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks @ Lincoln Hall
7/18/2014: Beck, Sharon Van Etten, Pussy Riot, Deafheaven @ Pitchfork Festival
7/26/2014: Reverend Horton Heat @ Wicker Park Fest

(new speaker!)

OK by Now and See you soon!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vinyl Therapy For Life

Hello Chocolate Massive!
We are rapidly spinning out towards the end of 2014!
Incredible, 25 gigs later and it all comes down to the second installment of the "Punky Reggae Wave Rave" at HIDEOUT, Saturday, 11-22-14, starting promptly at 12 midnight and running until 3 am.
This dance party and vinyl slam dance is based upon the revolutionary sounds of Reggae, Ska, Punk and their evolutionary march directly into New Wave. Spinning classic and obscure cuts from all genres, this musical mash-up is a heart pounding blast!  So, if you haven't had the chance to come hear
Baby Chocolate this year, make plans! Take a limo, rent an uber, call the babysitter--come down for a pre-dinner and celebrate life at the Hideout!!

Hi-Life Sound System YEAR IN REVIEW 2014 (upcoming)


Gig#43: Brilliant 1980's A Go-Go for Randy's 50th birthday.  A Cleared out 3 car garage, spinning lights, and a party full of dancers celebrating all that was, and is, 1983.  Never mind a forgotten backpack and headphones--thanks Uber for the delivery!--we went Late and shout outs to Eric and Kelly for hosting, Tiffany for the gig, and the Richards for starting the whole connection :)

Gig #41: Billed as "Heavy Bizarre" DJBC we spun a typically wide set, encompassing lots of hardcore, metal, and punk, along with tasty odds and ends, commercials etc.  We also spun some of the 
classic electronic pioneers KRAFTWERK their song "Tour De France", which elicited one young man to come up and say "The last 15 mins. of music is de worst shit I've heard in Delilah's in 5 years!  This is a punk bar!! Ha ha and Boo Hoo!  It was only after a moment, I realized, hey, your  French (!)

We are available for all occasions and celebrations--have an idea for a party? Let's talk!! These are some of the themes and sets we specialize in: 
"We were so Young" (Indie rock 1980's+90's)
"This isn't the wedding, but lets Dance Anyway"! (Classic dance-all genres)
"My Parent's Music" (Jazz, oldies, easy listening, Crooners)
"I grew up in the 1970's" (All the Best)
"The Tide is High" (Great Female Vocalists)
"I and I" (Reggae/dub/Ska)
"The Inner Child" (hard rock/heavy metal)
And On and On!!!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy Fall Feelings 2014

Massive Ups to Chocolate Nation!!
Its been a couple of months since the last post, and we've been gigging a plenty!
With this post we inaugurate our short video series entitled "Late Night Tables Talk" w/ DJBC"we shot on a special day last month...Broadcasting from our creative home base and studio, Feelings, we hope you enjoy this first installment :) (note to self--add light for the next installment, although enjoy the "mood"here)

Thursday 10.23.2014 @ DELILAHS 9:00 PM START--Returning to the original punk hot spot we will be spinning another eclectic set featuring new releases from Sunn O)))+Scott Walker, Peaking Lights, Reivers, The Obliterations, Single Mothers, Sleaford Mods, No Seattle Comp, and many others, known and obscure, from the depths of the Hi-Life Sound System Library.  In addition, our selections for the "Silent Cinema" screens (which play throughout the night) include Planet Earth, Clash-Westway to the World, and Musical Brotherhoods from the Trans-Siberian Highway.
Saturday 10.25.2014 @ HEALTH TRACK (Glen Ellyn) 9:00am-12:00--3rd times a charm for the gym bunnies…we set up smack in the middle of the free weight section on the 2nd floor, and roll out classics from the past and present, veering from Top 40 (!) to old motown, disco, and hip hop.  Come get your groovy sweat on!!
Saturday 10.25.2014 Private Party in Western Springs--Continuing what has  become a specialty for the HLSS is our "1980's A Go-Go-Go", spinning classic and eclectic cuts from the new wave era in celebration of another 50th Birthday.  The wonderful hosts of this party were guests at another event earlier this summer and danced all night!  We love getting referrals!
Saturday 11.23.2014 @ HIDEOUT 12 MIDNIGHT-3:00 AM--We are extremely excited to be returning to this hallowed music room reviving and updating the "PUNKY REGGAE WAVE RAVE."  Mashing up the revolutionary sounds of reggae, punk, and new wave, this is a Dance Party
for the young and oldish alike!!

Gig #35--Delilahs--another classic night with many old friends showing up for the spin!  Silent Cinema included the incredible Documentary Dancing Outlaw, Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf, and Bad Brains 1982 at CBGB.
Gig #38--Backyard Party in old Naperville--incredible setting under the canopy of trees and stars--we went LATE!!!  Thanks Lisa :)
Gig #39--Harvey block party in Oak Park--3rd year in a row!  Big thanks to Suebaby and all who came out.  2nd year in a row for the Oak Park police and a mad dash at the end to cover the equipment from the rain…
Gig #40--50th Birthday party for friends in Oak Park…Another beautiful house and backyard, perfect weather, and a gaggle of dancing fools getting their groove on!! Thanks to Sophia and Inga :)

As we roll into the Holiday season we are thankful for all of the opportunities to share the joy and magic of music, and the vinyl it is delivered upon…

Keep us in mind for a HOLIDAY PARTY OR EVENT--
We have  a broad library of Holiday music--Rock and Roll,
Jazz, Crooners, Ethnic, and truly Bizarre!  Make your event Exceptional and a Cut Above!  Great fun that only comes around once a year--We are AFFORDABLE!

Have an idea for a NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY?? Let's Talk!!

Thanks for listening, and always---
Keep Dancing!!

Monday, July 21, 2014


Hi Friends!

We trust your all enjoying the relatively cool summer weather, and making quality time w/ family and friends alike.
Well, we've had some incredible times of late w/ the Hi-Life Sound System, and we anticipate more
upcoming dates.  Specifically, a return to the hallowed ground of DELILAHS !!!  Please think of us if you have an event or celebration--we love sharing the gift of music!
Keep on Dancing!

Gig #32: Hideout Inn 6.28.2014
Version #1 of "Punky Reggae Fight Club" scorched the dance floor at the world famous Hideout, and the party was totally made by my lovely niece Kirsten Iverson and her dance crew--Thanks Guys!
Cannot wait to do it again!!  Great thanks to Seth, Ryan, and Hideout crew for making us welcome.
Gig #33: Health Track Sports Wellness 7.18.2014
The earliest gig ever--9 am! And we got right into the groove with all the healthy hardbodies getting a lather up.  It was great to see old friends from Glen Ellyn and mix a wide ranging set that pushed the
heart rates and settled them down with interludes of pink floyd, "yoga for life," and disable planets.
Special thanks to Deanna and Sue at HT for having us, and we hope to do it again :)
Check it!!

7.24.2014 DELILAHS
8.9.2014 70TH BDAY PARTY (private)
Oak Park Block Party

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Celebrating Time Together

Hello Friends!
We trust summer has you smiling and we've had a great, busy month spreading the wonder of music!
Beginning with the Free Spirit Media fundraiser in early June, we've been out every weekend, concluding the month this saturday 6/28 with our debut at the world fabulous HIDEOUT in Chicago.  We will be spinning "PUNKY REGGAE FIGHT CLUB"-- two revolutionary musics that are near and dear to our hearts.  We begin punctually at 12 midnight and go till 3, in an epic vinyl slam dance!!
Please check out the hideout link above to learn more about this classic chicago venue.
SPECIAL MENTION and shout out to Belmont Village, assisted living facility in Oak Park.  DJBC and the HLSS spun a "50's Style Sock Hop" that had the residents dancing up a storm!  It was truly one of the best and most special nights we've ever had. Check out the video and pics from the month below.
July and August are coming together, including a long awaited return to the fabulous DELILAHS on
Thursday, 7/24.
Thank you again for all the support, and keep on Dancing!



7/18/2014: Health Track, Glen Ellyn
7/24/2014: Delilah's, Chicago
8/9/2014: Private 70th BDAY party, Oak Park
9/19/2014: Block Party, Oak Park