Thursday, March 20, 2014

No. 4) Dance like a flame upon the Mountain!

Welcome Back and Happy Spring!
 This winter has provided ample time to practice, run the tables and expand the vinyl collection. We have several dates coming up and hope to see as many of you as possible coming out to enjoy the authentic sound of vinyl and good vibes!  From here on, this will be the space to find out what the Hi-life Sound System is up to.

Please consider us for all celebrations/graduations/events--Satisfaction Guaranteed****/best rates around!

3.22.2014--Private 50th Birthday Party (river forest)
4.3.2014--Audi A3 Launch w/ Circle of Machines (Hoffman Estates)
4.19.14--Record Store Day @ Fitzgerald's (berwyn) TBC*
4.26.14--Private Party @ Fitzgerald's (berwyn)
6.6.2014--Private Graduation Party (oak park)
6.7.2014--Atwood Fest (oak park) w/ dj Africa
Friendly Bar (berwyn)
Chicago Highlands

GIG #22/3.8.14=Oak Park River Forest HS Booster Event at Concordia College
From Jazz to Ska, 1970's to New Wave--a good time was had by all!
Special shout outs to Christine Linde, Dana Connell and Rich Klevgard for having us :)

GIG #21/2.26.2014=Reggie's Rock Club (chicago)
Wax On Wax Off! is an open mic for vinyl enthusiasts and djs.  This night was hosted by my bud and sublime dj Tim Mix.  This evening was all about Heavy Metal and hard rock. Thusly,
I spun: einsturzende neubauten/converge/bad brains/deafheaven/led zeppelin/jesus lizard/fury/aerosmith/van halen. we Rocked.  Additionally, the lead singer from long time Metal Band
Metal Church--who were playing later that night--brought up records by judas priest. iron maiden, and black sabbath.  That's him between TIm Mix and I:

GIG #20/2.22.2014=Gonzalez 50th Birthday Party at SkrineChops (forest park)
Great night of dancing and celebration for Juan Gonzalez.  Who knew how dope Billy Idol's
"Dancing with Myself" was, and is!?!  Lots of enthusiasm and everyone enjoyed the great chops
and sides of the Skrine kitchen.  Thanks to Ed Amaya for introducing me to such a wonderful family.


Up and Out!

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