Monday, July 21, 2014


Hi Friends!

We trust your all enjoying the relatively cool summer weather, and making quality time w/ family and friends alike.
Well, we've had some incredible times of late w/ the Hi-Life Sound System, and we anticipate more
upcoming dates.  Specifically, a return to the hallowed ground of DELILAHS !!!  Please think of us if you have an event or celebration--we love sharing the gift of music!
Keep on Dancing!

Gig #32: Hideout Inn 6.28.2014
Version #1 of "Punky Reggae Fight Club" scorched the dance floor at the world famous Hideout, and the party was totally made by my lovely niece Kirsten Iverson and her dance crew--Thanks Guys!
Cannot wait to do it again!!  Great thanks to Seth, Ryan, and Hideout crew for making us welcome.
Gig #33: Health Track Sports Wellness 7.18.2014
The earliest gig ever--9 am! And we got right into the groove with all the healthy hardbodies getting a lather up.  It was great to see old friends from Glen Ellyn and mix a wide ranging set that pushed the
heart rates and settled them down with interludes of pink floyd, "yoga for life," and disable planets.
Special thanks to Deanna and Sue at HT for having us, and we hope to do it again :)
Check it!!

7.24.2014 DELILAHS
8.9.2014 70TH BDAY PARTY (private)
Oak Park Block Party

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