Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vinyl Therapy For Life

Hello Chocolate Massive!
We are rapidly spinning out towards the end of 2014!
Incredible, 25 gigs later and it all comes down to the second installment of the "Punky Reggae Wave Rave" at HIDEOUT, Saturday, 11-22-14, starting promptly at 12 midnight and running until 3 am.
This dance party and vinyl slam dance is based upon the revolutionary sounds of Reggae, Ska, Punk and their evolutionary march directly into New Wave. Spinning classic and obscure cuts from all genres, this musical mash-up is a heart pounding blast!  So, if you haven't had the chance to come hear
Baby Chocolate this year, make plans! Take a limo, rent an uber, call the babysitter--come down for a pre-dinner and celebrate life at the Hideout!!

Hi-Life Sound System YEAR IN REVIEW 2014 (upcoming)


Gig#43: Brilliant 1980's A Go-Go for Randy's 50th birthday.  A Cleared out 3 car garage, spinning lights, and a party full of dancers celebrating all that was, and is, 1983.  Never mind a forgotten backpack and headphones--thanks Uber for the delivery!--we went Late and shout outs to Eric and Kelly for hosting, Tiffany for the gig, and the Richards for starting the whole connection :)

Gig #41: Billed as "Heavy Bizarre" DJBC we spun a typically wide set, encompassing lots of hardcore, metal, and punk, along with tasty odds and ends, commercials etc.  We also spun some of the 
classic electronic pioneers KRAFTWERK their song "Tour De France", which elicited one young man to come up and say "The last 15 mins. of music is de worst shit I've heard in Delilah's in 5 years!  This is a punk bar!! Ha ha and Boo Hoo!  It was only after a moment, I realized, hey, your  French (!)

We are available for all occasions and celebrations--have an idea for a party? Let's talk!! These are some of the themes and sets we specialize in: 
"We were so Young" (Indie rock 1980's+90's)
"This isn't the wedding, but lets Dance Anyway"! (Classic dance-all genres)
"My Parent's Music" (Jazz, oldies, easy listening, Crooners)
"I grew up in the 1970's" (All the Best)
"The Tide is High" (Great Female Vocalists)
"I and I" (Reggae/dub/Ska)
"The Inner Child" (hard rock/heavy metal)
And On and On!!!


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